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Photo From Kea

Photo's from KEA

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Otzias beach

Kea has been blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, almost all of them in sheltered coves though not all of them accessible by car or public transport. The way many people go is by calling the taxi and arranging to be dropped off and then arranging a time to be picked up. The beach at Otzias is bordered with trees and extends about 700 meters. There is a small village on the east side of the bay and a couple tavernas and coffee shops on the beach. During the high season there are wind-surfers and paddle boats can be rented too. The bay itself was a port in classical times and the ruins of some harbor facilities can still be seen. A mile or so beyond are the actual mines in the area called Tripospilies and a few kilometers further is the monastery of Kastriani. The small restaurant called Taverna Otzias is probably the best fish restaurant on the island and has a great selection of vegetable dishes and meat including Rabbit stew and advertisies live music on weekends. The lanes and paths around Otzias are great for exploring and there are several small churches to visit if you get bored with sitting on the beach. There are rooms to rent here and the combination of the good food, great beaches and the fact that you can walk to the port of Voukari if you have to, make this the best place to stay on the island if you prefer being by the sea to being in the main village.

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Other Relatives

Here I might talk about other people in my family, or include a picture of all of us together at some special event.